My Memior

It all started one winter morning, when my sister had finished packing all her belongings, and was ready to head to the airport. I was excited, because I didn’t have to see her for one whole month. This meant no more fighting and arguing. Although we fight, and we don’t get along with each other, deep down inside we love each other more than anything else. I have a family that loves me, and cares about me. For people looking in on the outside they see a perfect and normal family, but what they don’t know is, it's not as perfect as it seems.
Before I came to Dominican International School, I was in California. I've been there since I was two; I came back to Taiwan a couple of times for vacation and to visit my dad. After going to first grade, my family and I have stopped coming back to see my dad. I lived my life practically with out a dad, I wasn’t upset about it, and it didn't matter a lot to me, except I never knew what it felt like to have a dad by my side. My sister and I lived our lives normally and with no worries. Until one day, my sister sent pictures that she took around the house and she sent it to my mom, after looking at the pictures, my mom quickly found out that something was wrong. She knew that my dad had an affair. After finding out, my mom was very upset, she had no appetite and even if she was laughing, you could tell she was crying inside.
My mom made a decision to taking me back to Taiwan. I was aghast when I heard her decision, because I didn't want to leave. I was afraid, of going to a new country, meeting new people, living a whole new life, and having a dad for the first time. At that moment I didn't know what to do, there were so many frustrations in my mind, not just about my mom’s decision but also with my own life. I would constantly find myself crying, trying to let out all my fear and sadness. One night my mom found out that I was crying in my room, and she asked me what was wrong. I was afraid to tell her the truth, because I...

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