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Race and My Community
Tammy Hutchinson
Cultural Diversity
February 28, 2011
Tenisha Spencer

Welcome to Heritage Landing in Saint Augustine Florida.   Our little community contains 641 houses.   Many of those houses are occupied by racially diverse families.   At any given time you can run into people from many countries and states within the United States.   There are many local events that hi-light those different ethnic cultures.   We have community fairs where you can learn more about those cultures each month.   Reading my community news paper shows many of the different aspects of our existing culture.  

Within our community it is not very common to find people who look exactly alike.   Of course in some ways we all look alike being male or female.   There are many commonalities yet differences.   Of the 14 houses on my street, there is not two families from the same state in the United States or the same other country.   We represent the following states, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio, Florida, South Carolina, and Maryland.
Mexico, India, China, England, and Spain are the countries represented.   As a group, we try to be active in learning about other cultures.   Every other month we have a social in our cul de sac, where the focus is foods from a different area of the world.   It has been a lot of fun exchanging recipes and learning new foods.   We are always discussing different cultural events that are available in our area and attend together sometimes.  

One family recently adopted a sibling group from Africa.   Since the mother and I are very close, we talked often about the preparations she was making.   Some of the special items she had to learn to support the needs of the new children as compared to her existing white children.   One of the things I remember most was the care of their hair and skin.   She had to learn to braid hair, how to apply lotion and special creams for their hair since it is different texture...