Multigenre Paper

How to Become a Good Wife?

Dear Reader,

I am going to marry a wonderful man very soon. He is perfect. But as for me, I am not sure if I become an ideal wife. It’s the reason why I decided to write this multigenre paper. I want to understand what a good wife looks like, what qualities she should have and how she has to behave with her husband. Everybody agrees that it isn’t easy to balance studies / work and family. And I try to find out how women can solve this problem.

I think, my multigenre paper will be very helpful for all women who are going to get married in the future and become a good wife. To my mind, men can also find useful information here. They realize what wife they want and how it is difficult to do all the things most women manage to do during the day. I hope, you will like my multigenre paper.



Yura and I (January, 2010)

My Diary

O Lord! Why am I so lazy? Why can’t I plan my working day? Why is it so difficult for me to be a good wife? I think, I’ll never learn to balance studies and family. And now we don’t even have children.
Yura is an ideal husband. I know that a lot of women can envy me. He can do everything and he does it for me. He washes his own clothes and our linens (we have a washing mashing, but still and all …), he tidies up the flat, he cooks a meal, he washes up, he goes shopping (but very rarely because he hates it), he earns enough money and gives me it all (and I can spend it as I want), he even bakes pancakes and cakes when he has special inspiration. HE CAN DO EVERYTHING. And sometimes I start thinking what he has a wife for if he is able to run a household himself. He can just have a lot of girlfriends. I really hope he won’t ever think so. But for it I have to change myself.
O Lord! Help me, please. I want to learn to do everything in proper time. I have to balance studies and family. I must be an ideal wife (maybe not ideal, but very good at least). Of course, I know that everything...