Ms Andrea Seggie

Task 1

    • Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching training cycle.

The Teaching Cycle


  a. Identify Needs – As a tutor I need to identify students’ needs before the teaching cycle can begin. To do this within my role I would conduct an enrolment, where the student can use an initial skills assessment to determine if there is a learning need. Once this is done I can go down the diagnostic route, to further drill down learning needs. Whilst this is ongoing I can make a connection with the student by discussing their plans and needs, this communication will help me identify their learning style.

  b. Plan & Design – Once the learning style is established, and diagnostic complete, you can begin to structure a personalised learning plan around your learner. From the initial discussion you will be able to ensure that this plan will meet the needs and requirement of the learner. You can also plan out objective and targets within the programme to aid in motivation. Within a programme plan you will set time specific targets, which you will then pass on to your learner so that they are aware of their goals, aims and length of time.

  c. Deliver – By using the plan you will be able to structure one to one review sessions with your learner. You must also take into consideration their preferred learning style. This means that communication and language should be specific to your audience and it should be interesting and relevant.

  d. Assess – First and foremost you must ensure that assessment takes place as it aids in the development of the learner. To effectively assess someone you will need to use effective communication skills. You should be approachable to the learner but with a professional boundary. The assessment should be either formal or informal depending on the reason for assessment, but also you should only assess what is relevant.

  e. Evaluate – This section is...