Mrs H Keyte

Every teacher needs to understand the processes of the teacher/training cycle in order to deliver creative teaching and become a critically, reflective teacher. The cycle has five processes; identify needs, plan and design, deliver/facilitate, assess and evaluate.
According to Yvonne Hillier, ‘The kind of education one has can often determine the kind of qualifications one gains and the type of work one does.’ Teacher are supporting people on their learning journey, equipping them for work or leisure by giving them new skills and knowledge in their chosen subject.

My role as a tutor is to prepare and teach subjects as required by the college I work for. The college has a standard and format for all schemes of work and there own dress code. Part of the role is to provide an induction to the college building, showing them where the toilets are, how to use the lifts, where the fire escapes are, in particular from our room, and assistance available if people have difficulty using stairs to exit the building in an emergency. Making sure they know the venue and time for getting food and drink and where they can access information, such as where the library is, who to go to for help and support, such as financial support. Also the induction to the course I teach, what they will be taught each week, what qualification they can achieve, start and finishing times and dates, exam dates, health and safety when using equipment for my course and in the college.

I monitor the progress of learners, which includes discussing progress with individual learners, and where appropriate to their learning, other tutors.
Record keeping, attendance records, student progress have to be to the required standard of the college and examination boards. Marking includes supplying students with feed back sheets so they can see their own progress and learn from feed back.

When preparing for a session I always include handouts with diagrams, so that absent learners can catch up with...