Mr Daniel O'Grady

London Bridge Study Centre
56 Tabard Street

Dear Students
Due to the successful expansion of Greenwich School of Management we are pleased to announce a brand new study centre for students close to London Bridge.   You may have already noticed on your timetables classes based at the centre.   In order for you to find the new study centre easily we have included map and directions below, including public transport links, for your convenience.   Please be aware due to heavy traffic flow at peak morning times it is advisable to allow yourself extra travelling time.
Directions to Tabard Street Premises
Travel to Borough tube station on the Northern Line, one stop southbound from London Bridge. On leaving the tube station cross the road and turn right along Great Dover Street. When you reach Pilgrimage Street, turn left and walk to the next road junction. Turn left again and you have arrived at the front of the building. The study centre is the second entrance to the building.   Alternatively, it is about 15 minutes’ walk from London Bridge Railway Station.

For more details how to get there please go to
Classroom Locations
Within the new building the classrooms are numbered from T1 through to T14.   A   PDF document with the floor plan will be published on the student portal.   For your convenience members of GSoM team will be available in the building upon your arrival in order to guide you to the correct classrooms.   Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance; we are all here to make your learning experience as enjoyable as possible.  

For more information please visit the student portal.

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