Mr Chris Pipe

Form 3 Session Plan

This form may be used for Assignment 302.
Teacher: | Chris Pipe | | Location: | | Date: |
Topic: | Sports Coaching | | Start Time: | | End Time : |
Aim: | Learners will be able to describe and follow the structure of a sports lesson |
Objectives/Outcomes |     * To be able to describe the structure of a sports lesson   * Learners will be able to define activities within a sports session   * Learners will be able to demonstrate and apply their learning through a game element.   |

Timing | Learner Activities | Teacher Activities | Resources | Assessment |
1 min1 min | Learners will be listening and be preparing to apply knowledge.Learners will be arranging themselves around the room and responding after   each question. | At all times teacher will be visual at the front of the class with easy access to the computer to move to the next slide or have a ‘clicker on hand.Learning OutcomesVerbally explain and present using smart board for the 15 minute lesson.Semi Circle of LoveTo explain the concept of Semi Circle of Love and to gauge learners experiences and knowledge of Sports Coaching. Also a good icebreaker for the group.Room is marked out with 3 signs - Green/Red/Mixed Red Green.   If learners are comfortable with the question they stand by Green - if they are unsure - they stand by mixed, if they do not like/feel uncomfortable they stand by Red     1. Do you Like Eastenders   2. Do you like Chinese Food   3. What is your knowledge like of sports in general.   4. What is your knowledge of delivering a sports session?This will be used for an initial assessment of the learners. | Smartboard, Presentation/Slideshow/Clicker3 signs with colour circles on - Red/Green/Mixed Red GreenBlu Tac - so these can be stuck on to the walls. | Initial Assessment - based on where the learners stand on each question. Can take a picture of this for future reference depending on length of lesson or programme. |

3 min |...