Movement Generation

There are many ways to generate movement. Personally my favourite way to generate movement is by improvisation. This way is the most effective way to create a phrase as it allows for further development to the piece. After the improvisation of the movement I would then develop the content of the phrase by adding distortion, this is where I change the movement so that it looks bigger, smaller or slightly twisted. I could then go on to re-orientate the movement and change the direction of some of the movement or juggle the movement around to make something completely new and different. Creating movement and then developing it is a good way to create something new, different and interesting.  
Now we have a totally new phrase and we can develop it further for example we could change the dynamics of the phrase. The dynamics could change from slow to fast, sharp to soft or heavy to light. The dynamics will help to increase movement quality in the phrase. We can also develop the solo phrases by making them into a duet this can be done by adding another dancer into the phrase.
This is now changed into a duet. First we will put both of the solos we have created together and dance them at the same time. When doing this a lot of the time “happy accidents” will happen, for example the two solos will complement each other and will require little alteration to help aid this. This is just one of the ways that a phrase can be developed into a duet, it can also be developed by interference with in the duet. For instance one of the performers will dance their solo and the other will interfere with the content of the first partners solo. The interfering dancer will create movement as a kind of jigsaw and interlink their new movement in with the old solo creating a brand new duet. This is a very interesting way to develop a duet as the dancers are not necessarily dancing in unison but are doing completely different things creating an aesthetically pleasing performance.
We can...