Motels Becoming Cheap Sex Locations

Motels promote premarital sex and illegal affairs.

Motel as a term is a shortcut for “motor and hotel” or “motorists and hotel”. By definition, it refers to a single building of connected rooms whose doors face a parking lot. Aside from the orientation where customers have access from rooms to parking areas, motels differ from hotels by way of interacting with guests. While hotels provide the best customer service possible, motels leave certain anonymity between the owners and the occupants. Also, motels are usually located along small roads as opposed to hotels that are situated at urban areas. The set-up and location could be the reasons why motels became ideal places for “illegal” affairs.

Our common impression of a motel here in the Philippines, is that it is a short-time hotel offering short-time stay at per hour rates to people who want to have sex. And this is no longer unknown to Filipinos. When we find out someone checks in a motel, the notation is that that person is going to have sex, and most likely, it is an illegal or a premarital affair. This is but obvious because married couples need not to go in such secret places just to have sex. And motels do cater secrecy of identities and privacy, making them really inviting for illegitimate, premarital and extramarital sex acts to take place.
One out of four Filipinos aged 15-24 are engaging in premarital sex, according to a study by the UP Population Institute. This year’s study also says that close to 4 million youngsters are engaging in premarital sex with 30% of the respondents doing it in their own homes while 18% were doing it inside motels and hotels. Motels make it easy for youngsters to engage in premarital sex, and the implications in these people’s lives are really great. Studies, family life, focus, these are all affected.
In the Philippine context, motel is somewhat an unwelcoming establishment to some of the Christian Catholics and some other conservatives and religious sectors;...