Module on Credit Control

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Cleven Masango {MSc Strategic Management (CUT), B Com Marketing Hons (NUST), IOBZ}

Reviewed and Edited by

Loyd Kazunga (MSc Finance and Investments (NUST), B Com Finance Hons (NUST), IOBZ, Cert in University Teaching)

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Dear Participant

Welcome to the Credit Relationship Management course delivered by CCL International Business Training.

As practitioners in capacity development, we sincerely hope that this course will be of immense benefit to you. Our thrust as the facilitators is to equip you with a personal tool that enables you strategize on your relationship management programs so that you get the most out of your customers.

Employing the expertise of highly qualified and experienced Facilitators, CCL offers this interactive and practical course at a time when the business landscape in Zimbabwe has become so risky and competitive that long-term relationship management becomes a real issue of survival.

At CCL, we believe in making learning funny and exciting. We also believe that such a course provides a forum for sharing both best practice and worst practice. Through appropriate discussions that promote sharing of experiences, we will be able to draw upon the best possible solutions whose value will never be captured fully by this module. Situational learning and exploration therefore becomes one of the prime facilitation tools that will be...