Modesty means feeling or appearing to feel humbly about oneself. A modest man does not boast of his own merits or achievements. He rather feels shy, if anyone praises him in his presence. He shows his regard for conven­tional decencies in dress or behaviour.

Modesty is one of the finest qualities of man and is akin to politeness. A man may have many good qualities, but if he is not modest, he can not command respect, and even his good qualities are overlooked. Humble are the wise. They do not pretend to say that they know what they do not know. They listen to the big and the small with equal attention, and try to learn from others, by giving equal prominence to everyone. So a modest person is loved by all.

A modest person does not try to show his wisdom unless he is asked to do so. He possesses a noble heart. His outlook about life is broad. He is generous in his behaviour and simple by nature. Sweetness of his character attracts those who come near him. He is the storehouse of good forces in life. He does not envy his neighbours or enemies; he becomes happy to see others prosper in life.

A person, who is immodest or indecent, suffers in life. His false pride sometimes brings about his own disaster. An immodest person is hated for his arrogance, and avoided by the civilized people. He is ignorant of his own merit, stan­dard or status, and over-estimates himself in all matters. Pride may sometime bring about his disaster.

A modest man is a like a pure gem. He helps and advis­es others for their welfare. He is honest and patient, steady and trustworthy.