a) Yes, the concept of morality applies to a ‘man’ on a desert island.
A Sadhu, an Indian holy man, was known for his long walks on a deserted island once a month. It was a form of meditation for him and he saw it as a way to connect with his god and reflect on all his doings since his past meditation. Whenever he went on his meditations, he dropped coins on his path to prevent him from getting lost on his way back. He did this because he was normally gone for hours and was always so in touch with his god that he never had the time to take note of the directions he was taking in the desert. On this particular day, the Sadhu set out on his trip like any other day and performed his normal routine of dropping coins so he didn’t miss the way on his way home. About three hours into his meditation, he began to hear a weird noise and it became very windy. He didn’t pay attention to it right away because he was too engrossed in his meditation that he wasn’t really paying much attention to his surroundings. He came back to reality when a strong force of wind passed and pushed him to the ground. Almost immediately, he realized that a sandstorm was emerging and he was completely clueless about what to do. It was too late to make his way back home, as the wind had scattered all the coins he dropped on his way. The sandstorm became very severe as he stumbled about in the desert. He passed out after a while and when he woke up about three hours after, the sandstorm was over. He was completely filled with sand and was also weak at the same time. The force of the wind that the sand storm brought earlier on had completely drained him of all his energy. He had to regain his energy and was totally clueless about his way back home. He had a few snacks in his backpack that he normally brought along with him on his meditational trips. He ate them all up and he felt much better. He then set out to figure out his way back home but to no avail. He became weaker and weaker as...