Kat Lout



                                      Communication Process Model

One misunderstanding I experienced was when I was working in the retail store at the end of the shifts you have to count down the drawer and are supposed to put the deposit in the box. Well, it was my first day the lady that was training me was showing me where the deposit goes and in what box the drawer goes also. Well, I went on to my day, and once my shift was over, I counted down the drawer and also made all the deposits I needed to do that I made for my shift. As I was putting the deposits in the box, I put it in the wrong box it was for the stocking of the store box, not the deposit box. I went home and got a phone call from the boss to come back to the shop that some money from my drawer is missing, and I needed to talk to her and go over the cameras with me. The girl that was training me told me the wrong box, but we did find the money, and everything was taking care. The communication channel was verbal they were telling the where to put the deposit, but it was the wrong box. The misunderstanding was they told me the wrong box, so I put it in the wrong box. The way I could have improved was to ask the question to make sure I did my right job and that things were not messed up.