Mobile Communications and Mobile Broadband Market Insights, Trends, Growth, Analysis and Forecasts, 2016-2020

The global mobile industry is an increasingly important sector which today plays a huge part in the economic and social progress of most countries. Key trends in 2016 includes the increasing penetration of smart phones in emerging countries; infrastructure improvements and upgrades throughout the world; and looking towards the future – 5G technology. This report provides valuable information, analyses and statistics on the global mobile industry including mobile broadband. Also provided are unique mobile industry case studies on the key developed and emerging markets of the USA, France, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, China, India, Brazil and Australia.

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Subjects include:

Global mobile communications market – key statistics and trends;
Global mobile broadband market – key statistics and trends;
Global mobile devices market – smartphones, tablets, phablets and wearables;
Global mobile messaging market – traditional and OTT services;
Global mobile infrastructure – LTE, LTE-A, VoLTE and 5G;
Unique case studies on selected mobile markets around the world including Australia, Brazil China, France, India, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the USA.
Researchers:- Kylie Wansink, Paul Budde, Peter Evans, Henry Lancaster
Current publication date:- February 2016 (15th Edition)

Executive Summary

Smartphone growth shifts to the emerging markets while LTE network deployment continue
The global smartphone market has slowed from its boom years to a more modest but still significant growth. With mature markets becoming increasingly dependent on replacement purchases rather than on first-time buyers, the industry is shifting its attention to emerging countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, where much of the population either does not own a mobile phone or has yet to move from feature phone to smart phone....