Minnesota Micromotors Simulation

My strategy for each of the decisions entered into the simulation game in quarters 4 and 5 is to increase the overall market share and profits in the current market environment by targeting appropriate customer segments and proper allocation of marketing resources.   Preparing a marketing strategy can be difficult if a business does not understand what customers to target and what they are wanting in the products or services. Listening to customer’s reviews of the company and products or services will help determine what direction of marketing the business should focus on

My results of my decisions on the business suffered a decrease in sales during the third quarter 4. As Chief Executive Officer it is important for me to develop a new marketing strategy that will focus on the issues at hand and determine what needs to be accomplished to turn it around and become a better competitor in the market. The total revenue between the fourth and fifth quarter decreased by 1.01 percent with all the loss generating from the revenue from our large customers while the revenue of our small customers increased by .01 percent

What I actually have analyzed on the ends up in terms of success or failure, I selected to alter my business department from twenty sixth percent from segment all the way down to twenty fifth.   I believe by giving all segments identical share
may honestly   even things out.   I then created the choice to extend the facility to size quantitative relation from $47K up to $100K, and also the thermal resistance feature from $48K up to $100K.   In doing this, defrayal the maximum amount as $100K - $500K each year might lead to each the facility to size quantitative relation and also the thermal resistance when many years. I realize this to be a vital issue which will increase profitableness for Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. within the future. Another call that I created was to decrease my next quarter business department from seven all the way down to five. I...