Mind and Machine

Final Paper  

PHI200: Mind and Machine
Final Paper
Instructor: Zummuna Davis
March, 7, 2011

Final Paper Rough Draft

What do you think when hear gay marriage? Do you think gay marriage is a joke? Or is it fair that they can get married…. Do you think that gay marriage is a sin to be gay? Why did they make gay marriage legal? What if you were gay and wanted to get married to your love of your life. What does marriage prove it’s just a piece of paper saying you’re together and you can change your last name to your spouse’s last name but being in a relationship already prove you are with someone and every one already knows it.. How important is it for gay people to get married? Do you think that people have the right to be happy? Gay people can’t have kids. Don’t you think that if God meant for people to be gay he would of created Adam and Steve not Adam and Eve?

I grew up in a small country town where it was not accepted by the farmers and people who lived in that county. I never seen or been around gay people before or at least as far as I knew it. I now live in a small city now and still are not friends or around gay people. As a straight woman in my opinion I was raised to think that being gay was not okay and that it is a sin and you would burn in hell if you are gay. But as I was growing up I thought it was gross and that people should not to be allowed to be like that and that they weren’t okay in the head or as my grandmother would say   “they had some loose screws in their head”. But now I think that people should be allowed to be happy everyone is entitled to be happy don’t you think so. I also think that   if you are gay you should keep it behind closed doors because know one wants to see two gay people kissing and holding hands in public they need to be respectful of others and others need to be respectful to them. I don’t see the point in gay marriage. It says that marriage is an institution between one man and one woman. That is what the...