Bill Goodykoontz
Film Critic, The Arizona Republic

Shared Response: DVD versus Theater
I think that movie watching experience is individual for each person. Some people have to see a movie in a theater or they do not get as much out of it. Some people are fine watching on their computer or a portable DVD player that has been purchased. I have watched movies on iPhone and really enjoyed the experience that I had watching the movie.

I think that huge blockbusters that are designed for like maximum effect of course for those that are best enjoyed in a theater but what I think beyond that is one of those things frustrates me is when people are not open too new experience. Popular culture right now is exploding with new experience. The other day I reviewed a trailer that I watched on my iPhone frankly because my children were hogging the computer all day. I was on deadline and I could not think of the way out of it. I watched it and it was immensely satisfying the sound of course was great, the picture while small the resolution was great. It looked great.

One of the things that really drive me crazy is when people are not open to new ways. Now there are shows that are created strictly for the web. Now there are increasingly things made for smart phones and I think that is really exciting to be a part of.

It is fine for people to put their nose up in the air and say that I will only attend a movie in a large theater and that’s great but there are a lot of really good things going on out there that you are going to miss.