Creating my product for my senior exit research paper was overall the best part of this process. Creating my product gave me chance to actively get involved, and it stepped away from the long and tedious hours of straight research and writing.
In my eleventh grade year I finished my research paper and began brainstorming on what my product could possibly be. Observing the variety of products created by my fellow classmates, I figured my product would be along the lines of a pamphlet or an interview. I entered my twelfth grade English class with these same ideas, I proposed it to my teacher, and the idea of me interviewing an adoptee was approved. As I began the process, I started thinking how dull the product seemed, and then I wondered, what tangible object could I make out of an interview? So I thought long and hard about something that I could create that was unique, and would not be just interesting to me but to others as well.   So I came up with the idea of creating a photo album and in that photo album it would have the interview questions along with pictures of the interviewee. But what made my photo album unique is that it was more similar to a memoir, it showed pictures of the interviewee throughout their life.
I was lucky enough to have had such a close relationship with the person I interviewed for my product. It was no ordinary interview, I really got the insight on her whole wonderful life experience of her growing up as an adopted child. It was as though she was my mentor the way she opened up and shared her life with me. It was really interesting to me and that’s what made it such an enjoyable experience. Her life story went along so well with my point I was trying to prove in my paper. If I could give any advice to any upcoming senior, it would be to choose something that interest you so that you can really get involved, this will make the experience so much more fulfilling, and with that comes a better product, which results in a better grade....