Essay Outline

Topic: The Public Universities’ Dress Code Should Be More Lenient.


The Public Universities’ Dress Code should be more lenient because it violates the students’ freedom, restricts them from expressing themselves and treats them as if they are school going children.

1. The present Public Universities’ Dress Code violates the students’ freedom.

    1. It denies the fundamental human rights
              1. In the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) Dress
                Code, it is stated that even the non-Muslims students have to wear the head scarf because they are expected to respect the status of the university as an International Islamic University.
              2. However, under Article 11 of Federal Constitution, every person
                has the right to profess and practice his religion, therefore this irrelevant dress code absolutely violates the human rights.

    2. The dress code is bias to one religion and not applicable to all.
              1. There are other ways to show your respect to the status of the
                university rather than make the head scarf compulsory.
              2. In the UUM and UiTM dress code, female students are not allowed to wear short- sleeve shirt.
             This irrelevant dress code is not applicable to be practiced by non- Muslims as it is stated in their religion that they need to cover the ‘aurat’.

2. The present Public Universities’ Dress Code restricts students from expressing

    1. What a person wears, represent him.
              1. It is important to let the students build their own identity and
                present themselves the way they feel more comfortable as it
                will boost their confidence.