Mgmt 330

Today's society is governed through the implications of rules, legal restrictions that tell you if something is considered, in the eyes of society, to be right or wrong. All of these rules were created to uphold and maintain a ridged idea of ethical and moral values.   There is a right to want to preserve the fish.   It is not illegal to do what we are doing however; we should not destroy something given that it is at our disposal.   The government might impose restrictions or guidelines we would need to follow that would cost the company more money.   Although we would not be able to maintain the company as it is right now.   It is more cost efficient to take the initiative right now to resolve the problem before the government even gets involved without buying the new technology.

On a personal level I would want to preserve everything we could.   If there was a better way to help the environment from toxin waste in the water I would want to do everything we could to make that happen.   For the companies sake it is not always as costly as one might think.   Sometimes a little thought can help the environment just by changing how something is done and not always costing a fortune to do so.   To get the new technology it would put our department over budget and we would not be able to profit for some time.   Our only chance to get ahead is to try and find another solution before the company has to follow governmental guidelines.   Because we would not be able to profit the smart thing to do in the scenario would be to wait until the government makes different regulations.   We would do our best and hope that the toxin level subsides by taking better care of what we have without buying new technology.  

This decision is like a double edge sword either way you look at it good and bad can come from it.   I feel good that we will be able to keep the company running and our employees will have the paycheck they deserve.   I believe it is important when you start a company...