Daily exercise is very important for good health.   It can be as simple as a walk
around the block or a little more time consuming such as lifting or running a marathon.   Either
way, all are beneficial to your health.   Daily exercise helps you rid your body of waste, strengthen muscle, have a healthier weight, and improve mental health.
It is important to exercise.   Some researches say anywhere from 3 to 5 days a week to get the positive aspects of daily exercise.   I think it should be whatever makes you comfortable.   You shouldn’t have to kill yourself just to exercise.   Just exercise when you can.   Sometimes it’s hard to make time to exercise.
It’s also important to exercise right.   By that I mean don’t overdue it.   Especially if you are going to lift or run long distance.   Overtaxing your body will harm you more than anything if you’re not careful.   In weightlifting, you can tear a muscle or even tear nerves if you do too much at once for a period of time.   In running, you should start at a low distance or speed and work your way up.   It’s possible to stroke out or pass out if you’re not used to it at first and you try too hard.
Another good thing about exercise is that it’s fun if you make it fun.   If you have someone to exercise with, it’s so much better.   This way you have someone to challenge you if you like challenges or someone to talk to if you forgot your ipod or if you just like to talk.   Exercising should never be boring.   It should always be a good time, so make it fun in your own way.
One thing about exercise that people don’t realize is that it’s a good way to be social.   A lot of people exercise, so why not work out with a partner or a group of people?   A gym, for example, has tons of people, most who are nice and don’t mind talking or getting to know people.   It’s always better to work out with someone, since they can help you or at the very least keep you company.   It’s always nice to make a few friends.
The health aspects...