Metabical : Positioning and Communication

Strategy for a new Weight-Loss Drug

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Gari Nurahman Wahyu Kumoro Santo Rizal

Time February 2008

Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP)
‡ International health care company ‡ Focus on Developing, manufacturing, and marketing product (metabolic disorder, gastrointestinal disease, immune deficiencies, etc.) ‡ Barbara Printup, Senior Director of marketing ‡ Want to launch Metabical (Meh-tuh-bye-cal)


‡ Develop Positioning Strategy ‡ Build the Marketing Communication plan




February 2008

January 2009


United State Issue
‡ In 2005, 65% from adult Population is Overweight, Obese and severely obese. ‡ The Second cause of preventable death ‡ Social Stigma (affect to professional life)

Weight loss Drugs characteristic
‡ No Prescription drugs for (BMI of 25 30) are available ‡ Negative side effects ( gastrointestinal effect, and liver damage) ‡ Herbal/ dietary supplement ‡ Required an FDA approval except herbal

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Approved by FDA Specifically for Overweight (BMI 25 30) Reducing stress on heart and liver Single dose per day (controlled release feature) The side effect (gastrointestinal discomfort) less severe then other (if the patient consumed high level of fat and calories) ‡ Not recommended for BMI >30

Support Program
Reference material Online weight Control Personal Support Meal Plans
Weight loss tracker Food diary Nutritional and calorie calculator

Community Forums
Menu Planner Grocery list Thousands of recipes Enable Individuals to achieve better results than they would from the pill alone (Teach lifestyle skill for healthy weight maintenance after the initial weight loss was achieve)

Exercise Plans

Weight training Cardio routines

The Magic
‡ Reach the goal by week 12

BMI 25 28 28 30



15 26

2 6

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