Merchant of Venice

The Merchant of Venice Essay
Portia’s character manipulates people into doing what she wants them to do and changes things so that they go her way. She does this by changing events to go her way, by using the law to her advantage and by disguising herself as other people to trick people.
Portia changes events to go her way this does this without anyone suspecting anything. She changes the way the wedding goes because when Bassaniochooses she plays a song that leads her to choose lead. “Tell me where is fancy bred, or in the heart or in the head? How begot, how nourished? Reply, reply. It is engend’red in the eyes, with gazing fed; and fancy dies, Inthe cradle where it lies. Let us all rings fancy’s kneel: I’ll begin it- ding, dong , bell. Ding, dong, bell.” In this song there is a lot of clues to pick the lead box. She also does not play the song for the other guys because she doesn’t want to marry them. Therefore she changes events to make them end up the way she wants.
She also uses the law to her advantage, she does this by using the law to save Antonio and to send shylock to jail “This bond doth gives thee here no jolt of blood. The words expressly are a “pound of flesh”.” She uses the law to here advantage to give Shylock his just desserts. She used the exact words of the bound to trick Shylock and until the last moment to make him think he won. This epscope article also defends this. Epscope page 230 line1-5. Therefore she even uses the law to make things go the way she wants.
She also gets what she wants by disguising herself as other people. She tricked her husband into giving her the wedding ring that he swore never to give away. “I’ll take this ring from you , do not draw back your hand, I’ll take no more and you in love shall not deny me this.” She tricks Bassanio into giving her his ring and then complains that he gave it away. She then tells Bassanio that she slept with the lawyer to make him jealous. She also told Narissa to get her...