Mental Illness

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English Composition I
Professor Sharon Huff
19 September 2013

Medicinal Use for Mental Illness Treatment

Many people that will oppose the use of medication have very logical reasoning as to why they have chosen their side. They People with a mental disability say that the use of the medication will only transform to be an addiction medication will become an addiction, which will lead to a troubled future with the struggle of being an addict; also they Try another word for they will throw out that those that are given the wrong medication or just misdiagnosed will have worsened behaviors and even resort to suicide. However with the proper help, those that have troubled minds or chemical imbalances can feel a sense of relief and happiness with the assistance of the proper medication.
The short-term effects to no medication treatment for someone with major depressive disorder consists of restlessness and irritability, as well as trouble sleeping and over-sleeping. ("Depression: Symptoms, Effects and Treatments for Depression Illness at") Long-term effects would be.
There is no way to prevent Major Depressive Disorder because it is a chemical imbalance in the individual’s brain. The best way to address the problem is by the individual accepting that he or she must reach out for help so that to decrease the amount of negative feelings. Medication is a very well-known way to treat the imbalance. It is the only way to directly treat the problem. When one with the disorder uses medication they will feel the effects dramatically change quickly. As with any medication there is the possibility for an allergic reaction to occur as well as it not working quite enough or even too much. Medication that works with the brain is very tricky, it is almost impossible for doctors to get it right the first time trying a medication. There are also much more serious downfalls which could lead to increased suicidal thoughts. That is a...