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Ethics Awareness Inventory
Freddie L. Ward
BSHS 480
April 14, 2014
Jessica Coleman, MS

Ethics Awareness Inventory
I got Character style. (   Character style is when I base my perspectives on the good to be instead of the good to do.   In my opinion ethics should be geared toward helping people achieve moral excellence.   I tend to look beyond the actions that a person did to get a big picture of who the person is as a whole.   Integrity and righteousness was be key to the decisions that I would make.   For example in the navy before a sailor go into captains mast or military court they get screened at Disciplinary Review Board (DRB) its where we can determine if the crime warrants a harsh punishment.   I believe that when they screw up they should be held accountable but I look for the greater good.   I take in consideration their family even though the sailor didn’t and I also take in consideration their reputation for the rest of their career.   Once you are labeled as a trouble maker no one wants to work with you and you never get a second chance which ruins you.
There are four different styles character, obligation, results, and equity. (   Depending on how you scored will determine your style for instance some traits of results character are fairness toward society as a whole and obligation style is fairness to other.   My top result was my best result I try to look at getting a win situation without damaging the person but still holding them accountable.     I expected my survey to be like this because I look at the person vise the crime but, I do look at the crime there are some that I just cannot look over.   For example a sex offender, arson, murdered, and rapist I do believe they belong behind bars for the crime they committed.   For someone who was late to work or have family problems I would tend to look at the overall big picture than the infraction.  
During my ethics class which raised some big discussions I...