My basketball team had made it to the state quarterfinal game, just one game away from playing at the Breslin Center (where Michigan State plays its home games).   We had begun to load up all of our equipment and belongings and get on the charter bus, which was purchased just for this game for us, when it really began to hit me.   I began looking back at the season and realized just how many accomplishments we had had and what new obstacle was sitting in our way in setting out to try to accomplish another amazing feat.
Looking back, the season had begun just like any other sporting event season had, but there was a feeling of something different about his one.   There was an excitement about us that we were setting out to have more than just an average season; we were setting out seeking high goals.   We prepared hard, training every day during the off season in order to prepare ourselves for what we hoped would bring us success.   We practiced just about every day as well during our summer and fall off-season.   These practices were never mandatory but not showing up was frowned upon by all that did attend.   We hoped that putting in all this practice, long days, tiring hours, and sweat would pay off by accomplishing something great.   The results we received were far greater than any of us could of ever imagined
First came all of the preparation in the days, or should we just say week, leading up to our quarterfinal action.   We had made it that far; the quarterfinal game, and what an accomplishment it was, but we all wanted more.   We wanted to win this game for our school and give ourselves a chance to play in a real Division I arena.   Now we had almost a week to prepare for our opponent, Inkster, a team out of the Detroit area.   We hoped this would help us to defend their personnel and defeat them.   We practiced every night for at least two hours, and most times it ended up being three or four, in hope that we could get even a fraction closer to reaching our goal....