In order for the US citizens to have a quality life, better healthcare systems and effective management needs to be in place. For a long time them health sector of the country has been met with major challenges ranging from high cost of drugs to issues of medical cover insurances for corporations employees. Currently, the state is faced with the increasing health-care cost. As a result, the government encourages reforms in the health-care sector in order to bridge the deficit and provide affordable and quality health-care to every US citizen. Though the US health-care system is not the best among the developed nations, impressive progress has been achieved in the sector i.e. medicine technology. Consequently, it has largely has provided a platform for creation of employment opportunities in the health-care sector more so in the management field in order to ensure effectiveness and bring harmonization. This report aims to identify the most promising jobs for health-care managers in US by 2020.
Almost every sector which affects human life directly or vice versa, management is a key factor in ensuring impressive performance. This aspect necessitates the importance to have good managers. Therefore health-care managers must be involved if the US is to achieve the objective to provide the best health-care in near future. The outlined responsibilities of health- care managers include; budgeting, ordering medical supplies and equipment’s, overseeing the staff, formulation of procedures for dealing with patients, human resource role fulfillment in a health facility understanding the financial background and maintenance of detailed patient and hospital records. U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that job opportunities for health-care managers are bound to increase nationally by 2020 (BLS, 2013). This is in the effect to take care of the old age baby boom as there will be...