Medical Service

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English 1A
Medical Service
Did you know that Emergency Medical Care started in war? “In the 1790’s French soldiers began transporting their wounded away from battle.” (Porter p.215) The purpose was to take them to a safe place where medical care was available. They did not provide care on scene. The Americans began to adapt this idea during the American Civil War; which led to establishing the American Red Cross. (Bledsoe p.215)   Through war, ambulance services began to learn how to treat wounded out in the field. “In the 1960’s the Emergency Medical Service began to develop.” (Dickinson p. 7)   “In 1966 the National Highway Safety Act charged the United States Department of Transportation with developing EMS standards and assisting the states to upgrade the quality of their prehospital emergency care.” (Grant p.6)There are four levels of training in the EMS system: First Responder, EMT-Basic, Advanced EMT, and Paramedic. I am considering a career as a Paramedic.   To become one, you must get the proper education, know the roles and responsibilities, and understand the medical and legal issues that come with the job.
You can’t become a Paramedic over night. It takes time, schooling, and lots of training. You start of by becoming an EMT-Basic. There are courses at colleges or EMS agencies that provide you with the basic training needed to provide care. Once you have passed the class you must take a test called the National Registry. (Limmer p. 10) This test is held at a national standard that everyone has to take to become certified. Next you would apply to a paramedic program. These programs usually range from eight months to two years. There you will learn pharmacology, anatomy and physiology. (Limmer p. 11) Many paramedic programs will require students to take classes and pass certification tests in advanced cardiac life support, and pediatric advanced life support. During the program you will need to complete an internship and...