Media Week 3

Music has a proven history of being used both professionally and recreationally to heal both the body and the soul.
Amazing things have been accomplished because of music. Studies show that the ear is the first sensory organ in an infant to have connections to the brain. Once an infant is born they can distinguish between music sang by their mother or father and music by a CD or someone else. Studies on infants also show that soothing music can lower their blood pressure and stress hormones. As children grow they begin to react to music in different ways. From rocking their body, clapping hands, and actually trying to dance, it is no wonder why music is such a popular and diverse form of culture in our country. Music is a form of art and allows one to be as creative as they care to be. Both fields tie together in what is known as music therapy which is a new field that has opened up. Studies actually have proved that music can heal the heart which is an amazing task on its own.   It has an effect on brain waves, breathing and heart rate, state of mind, and other areas. Listening to music can be a way of stress relief or just a means of expressing one’s opinions. Music is actually used to assist in the recovery of patients with psychiatric issues as well. It is known to be able to ward off depression by lifting the mood as well as making people more active which causes endorphins to be released in the brain. It would appear that the strength that music possesses is almost limitless.