I. Introduction
Retention of employees is an important issue in resource management
Human and business strategy today. That is why we will study this subject through the McDonalds case, which concerned in particular with the term McJob. So this thesis focuses on the issues and factors retention
Employees today, both from the point of view of employees, from the point of view of the company.
We will discuss this topic thanks to the company McDonalds and the problems it has encountered. I was able to achieve this thanks to the given case study, starting with reading and analysis.
My research is divided into three parts: a theoretical part, gathering all the literary elements that I could find related to my subject, a methodological section, describing the entire procedure before, during, and after the analysis, and finally a practical part, which incorporates all the analysis of the results achieved and the conclusions that I have drawn.

Today, employee loyalty is an important issue, as part integral part of corporate strategy. According to Peretti, employee loyalty corresponds to «all measures to reduce voluntary employee departures." The faithful employee is one who has a "significant seniority in the company, a very low propensity to seek and consider external jobs, and in general, a strong sense of belonging. »
Companies are indeed facing a high risk of turnover, which is due to various constraints, such as the tendency to further education, raising the level of training, experience unemployment, the development of professional mobility, and scarcity of human resources or the economy.
However, this is also due to factors specific to certain sectors, sectors that want to particularly competitive, and on which the job is strong. This is the case of the business of the company which I made my case study, the company McDonalds, which belongs to the fast food sector.
The challenge of this paper will be to understand the factors, issues of employee loyalty,...

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