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Reform Forum: Journal for Educational Reform in Namibia, Volume 14 (May 2001)

A guide to the teaching of learnercentred mathematics
B.K. Thekwane
The author of this Guide, Mr B.K. Thekwane, has published this article with the purpose of inviting comments for improving the draft from classroom teachers, facilitators, advisory teachers and other stakeholders. Your comments as an expert in the field will be highly welcomed. 1. Preface It is clear that we live in an ever increasingly scientific and technological world. Hence, changing demands from society and the continual development in the field of technology have led to a radical change in the aims and objectives of school mathematics since independence in Namibia. As a result of this, the Ministry of Basic Education has adopted a new approach to teaching school mathematics, namely the learner-centred teaching approach. In the new approach, greater emphasis is placed on: ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ understanding, communication, problem solving and autonomy the ability to reflect on own methods and thinking creating a positive self-image and attitude among all learners accepting the responsibility for own work

In view of the complicated and challenging nature of the teaching, learning and application of Mathematics, the development of knowledge and skills should preferably take place within a flexible, safe and non-prescriptive environment. The teaching and learning environment should give learners the opportunity to give free expression to originality of thought and enable them to approach further studies and training purposefully and with dedication and self-confidence. 2. The purpose of the guide The purpose of this Guide is to provide Mathematics teachers with some ideas and guidelines as to how to teach Mathematics using a learner-centred approach. Teachers are encouraged to explore other approaches and should feel free to share them with other colleagues. This Guide will be updated from time to time as more ideas and...