Mass Media

The Effects of Mass Media
History and Theory of New Media
How much we are realizing about the effects of mass media today? I do not think that we are realizing much, I mean we know some points but we are just ignore that because it has already been part of our life. You can often see a world where media can control and alter human life.
I would like to propose several ways to approach about mass media today using by the case of the commercialization, animations, and media cultures. Animations, television, and computers are facts of life for today's people, especially children. "The effect of TV, as the most recent and spectacular electric ex! tension of our central nervous system, is hard to grasp for various reasons. Since it has affected the totality of our lives, personal and social and political¬° (McLuhan, 317). One reason children are so vulnerable to the messages of television is that they take what they see on television to be reality. Very young children equate all of television with reality.
The first approach about the media cultures today, I will show a case that the young child has been influenced by the mass media which they took advantage of him. Naturally, as children get older they adopt new definitions of television reality; however, I was so surprised that how much the mass media can change their viewpoint in such an early age. The MBC Korean broadcasting television decided to start a program that a famous pop group (called Groove Over Dose- G.O.D.) of five male singers will babysat a nine-month-old baby until the baby (name Jaemin Han) become two years old. The parents of the baby are both working, so the G.O.D. will babysat the baby three days a week. The TV episode (called "The Babydiary") was start on March 5, 2000 and the program shows on every week to show a whole week's diary. They live in a boarding house, so the baby can live with them three days per week. The each group member shares five different parts, which are the...