Masculinity in Film

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Masculinity in Film

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This paper examines published articles that report on the masculinity in films and how are men are affected by it. The articles men’s perspective on and how men react to actors on films and movies. We will explore also how adult films affect men, which is not mentioned often in psychological published articles. Also, we will discuss the trends of men in recent years and how some habits are changing dramatically. This will give women and men more understanding on what is not being said but is being done when it comes to masculinity in films.

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Masculinity in Film

Most people assume that only women are affected by images portraying what women should look like in the media. Men have also that dilemma when it comes to men’s image in the media for example films that show the hero most of the time tall and muscular. The fact of the matter is that most men are not muscular and have some fat on them. The psychological effects on men trying to mimic what they see in the movies or films could result in eating disorder, depression, injecting performance-enhancing substances and low self-esteem (Farguhar & Wasylkiw, 2007). Talking to my father about what kinds of pressures he had as a young adult due to films, he said he had few. He was psychology influenced by films in putting pressure on being more romantic to women and doing the right thing even if you did not want to do it. Men now have other pressures like being physically accepted by the other sex, subconsciously men admire actors, in which men think women also do the same and now they have to meet those requirements on being buff like current actors.
In films men get physical dissatisfaction of themselves because they compare themselves to the characters performing in the big screens, which are usually men lean and strong in appearance. Films like Rambo,...