Marketing of Hev Cars


International Marketing


Individual Assignment

Case: TOYOTA: driving the mainstream market to


Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3

2. Executive Summary 3

3. TOYOTA’s Marketing Challenge 4
  3.1.   How will Toyota attain leadership in the hybrid electric vehicle segment? 4
  3.2. What strategy should Toyota use to communicate that HEVs are available and have performance capabilities on par with current vehicles? 5
  3.3. What can the Toyota marketing department do to develop advertising and marketing strategies to attain leadership in the segment? 6
  3.4. How does Toyota develop the demographic profile to evolve the perception of HEV technology from a niche product to a mainstream product? 7
  3.5. How will the marketing and advertising efforts translate with the introduction of the Lexus RX hybrid SUV and the rest of the Toyota line? 8
  3.6.   What segments should Toyota focus on to expand the target market for mainstream acceptance? 8
  3.7. What non-monetary incentives can Toyota implement, or work with the government to implement, that will increase acceptance? 9
  3.8. What does Toyota need to do to reassure consumers that the technology is dependable and supported? 10

4. Conclusion 10
  Bibliography 12


  This case is the result of an individual assignment by Jean Vercruysse for the Euro*MBA course “International Marketing”.
  While students have the choice between 5 cases, I chose the TOYOTA case because the automotive industry is a very competitive business, where every aspect of management is extremely challenged, especially marketing management.

  Executive Summary

  The automotive business is a very challenging one because of many aspects.   The worldwide overproduction for cars creates   a “cut-throat competition”, urging on its turns car manufacturers to continuously improve their different efforts to outperform their competitors to keep ahead....