Marketing Definition and the Importance of a Good Ad Campaign

Most business experts would consider marketing to be a critical function of its operation.   The marketing department helps generate the income that the business relies on for survival and growth.   The real challenge lies in generating income profitably, by creating happy customers in a socially ethical manner.
      For this student, marketing is; taking a product, or line of products and showcasing them in the most positive way possible.   Marketing makes the product appealing and indispensible in the eyes of the consumer, and if marketed properly the product, line of products, and hopefully itself will be foremost in the front of the customers’ minds.
      According to the American Marketing Association, which published a definition of marketing in 1985, “Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, promotion, distribution, and pricing of ideas; to satisfy objectives both individually and organizationally by using services and goods to create an exchange,” (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005, p.3).  
      In a relative definition, a professor at Michigan State University, E. Jerome McCarthy, states “Marketing is the performance of certain activities, ones that look to achieve the objective of an organization by predicting customers’ or clients’ requirements and guiding a flow of essential compliance from manufacturer, to clients and customers” (Ries & Trout, 2005, p.2).
      At its very core, marketing is really about tactics and strategies that can be used to find and grow the market of the services and products that the company produces.   Therefore it would appear to a very important to overwhelming success for the organization.
      The level of just how important marketing is for an organization can be directly tied to the industry it is in.   There are not many businesses that will be successful if some type of marketing plan is not used.   For a great number of businesses, the marketing department has to be a central part of the...