Marketing Communication: How Much Is Too Much.…??

Yesterday my phone rang so thinking that it was a friend or a close relative who was calling up I picked up the call only to realize that it was a sales call from a credit card company. Later on in the day I received an sms so again thinking that it was a funny forward or a friend trying to chat up I saw it only to realize that it was a promotional message selling me some kind of packaged tour to Kerala.   Further in the day on I went to check my email inbox and again there it was; a company trying to market its season end sale.
What happened with me yesterday isn’t, unfortunately, a one off incident. it’s what I might call the ‘plight’ of today’s consumer…..
All of us today, live in a world in which we are constantly bombarded by various kinds of marketing campaigns.
The question that needs to be answered is whether the companies are going a bit too far in trying to woo customers?
Personally speaking the more advertising comes at me, the more I actively block it. I purposely ignore advertising sometimes because of the method. If I get an unsolicited flier in the mail, I will probably make it a point not to buy from the company that sent it because I don’t like to reward them for cluttering up my life. And I am sure that I am not the only one taking that step.
The marketers also don’t even let you pass your surfing time on the internet in a pleasant way. The moment I log on to Face book my webpage is more than 20% occupied by ads, ads and more ads. Am I out there to socialize with my friends or am I out there to see a webpage cluttered with advertisements. And it’s true not only for Face book but for most of the websites. There is a deluge of advertisements coming your way hindering your ability to have a smooth browsing experience. There are always going to be pop ups in some way or another even if you enable pop up blocker on your browser
Another question that comes to the mind is whether too much hype is good for your product....??
It has been found out...