I believe that marijuana should be legal so I am siding with the state’s rights. I read in the article “Debate over marijuana” stating that marijuana is like alcohol and not like cocaine and heroin so it should be treat that way. I agree with this statement but would also like to say that I think alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. When people drink and become intoxicated they can blackout not knowing what they are doing or become angry, violent, or simply just out of control. It is also in the records that alcohol causes many deaths due to drunk driving.   While on the other hand Marijuana is more likely to make you calm, relax, and it also helps with nausea which is one reason they give it to cancer and AIDs patients. It doesn’t cause blackouts or any negative behaviors as alcohol does. It is a plant that grows naturally instead of a man made product. Studies show that smoking cigarettes have more effects on your body than marijuana. The main risk of marijuana is Lung cancer if they are a heavy smoker, no ill effects for recreational smoking but cigarettes cause lung cancer, heart conditions, high blood pressure, and many other health problems and yet this is legal. The government is spending thousands of dollars housing prisoners that are being arrested for marijuana when they should be using that money to find the real criminals murders, rapists, the drug cartel that are bringing cocaine and heroin in our country.