Maragarita Cabrera’S “Yellow Hummer”

I visited the Nevada Museum of art in Reno Nevada. My father lives there and I
visit him frequently so I thought that I’d share the experience with him by taking
him as well. When I got there I saw a lot of artwork that caught my eye. I saw a lot of
bright colors and bold pieces of work. There were some pieces that were dull black and
white and they were also very interesting but it didn’t stand out to me very much. The
one painting that did stand out to me was the artwork of Maragarita Cabrera. Her piece
is titled “Yellow Hummer”. I enjoyed this piece a lot. It kind of reminded me of Jurassic
park and the cars getting all tangled up in the leaves and branches. It’s sort of dented in
and it looks like it has been through a car accident or a really cool adventure. That’s
probably why it stood out to me was because I remember scenes and clips from
movies very well and it definitely caught my eye.
Another reason why I love this piece so much was because it’s so mysterious.
When I first saw it I just started wondering in my head...who is in that hummer? Was it a
family, were they stranded? Was it an adventure, what’s it suppose to happen, is it a
ride somewhere? All these crazy thoughts just started in my mind about how that
hummer got in that situation. I saw a little bit of line variation on the top part of the car. I
mostly saw a lot of texture, color, space, and shape. It has a full figure shape to it and
you can see a lot of space with the white background. I also liked the actual motion that
I felt from it. It reminded me of Calder’s “Big Red” because it looks like it is actually
moving, like there’s actual creativeness that it brings to life. Another thing I really liked
about this piece was the texture of it. Now, I didn’t feel it but I definitely felt the
realness of it and it was so lively and bright that I felt like the texture of it would have
been rough or bumpy and if you can imagine in your head what it might...