Map Reading


Programme of learning:

• This is a suggested programme for the delivery of this subject.

• The main headings are the Learning Outcomes (LO1, LO2, etc), with sub headings related to topics within those Learning Outcomes (see Glossary of Terms).


• Some practical activities are suggested throughout the programme as a way of reinforcing the learning and adding interest.

• It may be not be practical to undertake all of these activities at the suggested part of the programme.

• Instructors may have to adapt this programme to prevailing circumstances.

Method of delivery:

• Learning resources can be found on Ultilearn and may be adapted by the instructor, if required.

• Lesson delivery should be as practical as possible and should contain the maximum amount of cadet participation and interaction.

Check of understanding:

• Each lesson should contain a check of understanding (see Glossary of Terms).

• At the start of each lesson, the previous check of understanding should be reviewed in order to consolidate previous learning before moving on to new learning.

Formative assessment:

• There should be a formative assessment at the conclusion of each Learning Outcome (see Glossary of Terms).

Summative assessment:

• This is the test of knowledge or understanding of the Assessment Criteria for this subject (see Glossary of Terms).

• Assessment Criteria (see Glossary of Terms) are found on the final page of this document.

• Introduction to the subject and assessment method
LO1: Know scales and features of Ordnance Survey maps
• Discuss the need for maps and their early examples
• Cadets to research the types and uses of maps and share with group
• Demonstrate the care of maps
• Explain how maps are made; curved surface flattened to fit on paper
Scales and symbols:
• Introduce the scale and main symbols found on Ordnance Survey maps
• Cadets to examine...