Many Facets of Being a Single Parent

Many facets of being a single parent

Thought it can be much harder as a single parent, it is still possible to over come the daily obstacles and create a loving relationship while teaching your children to become successful in life. There are many ways to over come just about anything but first let me define what single parenting really is.
“Single parenting means one person managing the affairs of a family without the benefit of a partner. It happens when a spouse is away for an extended period of time (e.g., in military service), when a family experiences a divorce, when parents do not marry or one parent chooses to raise children, or when a spouse dies. Single parenting is common and accepted in today’s society. Single parents face many concerns that are often economic, social, emotional, and practical in nature.” (Algozzine and Ysseldyke 210).
Single parents may often feel isolated and alone, but the percent of single-parent families has tripled in the past 50 years and the proportion of one-person households vs two-parent households has increased from 17% to 27% between the years of 1970 to 2012 (US Census, 2013). M. DeBell   reported that the majority of singe-parent families are headed by women and single-father homes only represent 7% of total single-parent families. Today there are roughly 21 million children living in single-parent homes. Being a single parent may well be a challenge at times, but single parents can and often do find ways to help their children grow up to be happy, healthy, productive citizens who place a high value on family relationships. Single-parent families may have problems but all families face problems of one kind or another, and most of them survive the difficulties and come out stronger.
As a single parent, you bear the sole responsibility for any and all disciplining of your children. You have to help them make good choices everyday as you can not count on having anyone else there to back you up or to help choose...