Management Behaviours

Behaviour |Why |How | |
|Leadership               |                                                                 |                                                               |

|The ability to take the lead
To inspire and motivate people to achieve goals through coaching, and demonstrating leadership behaviours
To provide a clear sense of direction, which is pro-actively communicated |Allocate resources strategically
Grow the next generation of leaders
Measure organisational and individual performance
Reward learning and strategic results | |Communication |The ability to express complex ideas clearly, fluently and persuasively using the appropriate media
Effective communications result in creating positive personal impact
|Manage the communication process to ensure that it adds value to any piece of work/ project
Adhere to the internal communications policy
Offer and request constructive feedback
Express complex ideas clearly
Use appropriate media when communicating
Provide transparency regarding work undertaken and initiatives pursued
Provide regular and timely communication updates | |Delegation |The ability to use people and other resources effectively
Knowledge of when, how and to whom to delegate. Can be sideways and upward as well as down.
Effective allocation of decision-making responsibility and authority |Delegation of tasks with appropriate level of management supervision
| |People Development |Gain the maximum benefit from the staff.
The ability to identify and develop the skills and abilities of individuals and teams through activities related to their current and future roles
|Reward performance and delivery excellence on a team and individual basis
Create a rewards & recognition policy
Develop work assignments and projects that people can aspire to being involved in
Create a suite of rewards/ recognition techniques
Create varied work assignments and opportunities to try new roles
Set up a secondment scheme