An Overview Of The Movie Armageddon English Literature Essay
The movie “Armageddon” is a science fiction film about a planet-killing asteroid whose collision course will crash the Earth. The scientists at NASA plan to detonate a nuclear bomb under the asteroid's surface that will break it in two, causing it to miss the collision with the Earth. One bomb must be buried at least 800 feet below the surface so in order to achieve their goal, the scientists from NASA locate the best oil driller on the planet: Bruce Willis (Harry Stamper), our main character to perform this heroic job. He accepts the task, but he claimed he needed his crew to ensure the job is going to be done properly. Harry’s seven best work partners and friends are called upon to save the planet by going to the space risking their lives.
It’s important to highlight that one of the guys called for this mission is fiancé of Harry’s daughter (Ben Affleck as A.J.), reason why their relationship is quite rough. The mission is set up and the final plan is to divide the crew in two different ships: the Independence and Freedom military space shuttles, so Harry decides to set AJ as the leader of the second shuttle, being himself the leader of the Freedom ship.
As they approach the asteroid, the Independence shuttle is hit and crash-landed on the asteroid, killing most of its crew. The Freedom landed on the surface but missed the target zone, arriving on an area of hard iron that was difficult to drill.
After several difficulties, Harry put AJ in charge of the machine to finish the drilling and they successfully reached the necessary depth. The team lowed the nuclear bomb into the hole, but they were caught in a rockstorm that damaged the remote on the bomb. With the time over them, the team knew that someone had to stay behind to detonate the bomb. AJ is randomly selected to stay behind after drawing straws, but Harry disables his air supply and takes his place with the main intention of sending AJ back...