Magic Circle Confidence Technique

Did you ever wish you could feel confident just when you need to? Ever been in that situation where you just can’t think straight because of the worry, anxiety or self consciousness getting in the way? Maybe in a job interview, or an important meeting?
If I asked you if you would like a simple technique that would allow you to feel confident at a moment’s notice, would that be of interest? How could you say no?
There is some simple preparation work necessary, and this is how to do it….

Decide what ‘state’ you would like to be able to bring on at a moment’s notice (confidence in this example, but you can use any powerful state, or even use it to link to a feeling of being full of energy); cast your mind back to a time where you felt that emotion really strongly, so strongly that on a scale of 0-10, with ten being high, it would score 7 or more. Make sure you are seeing the event as if you were back there, and through your own eyes (seeing it associated, rather than with you in the picture, seeing it from a 3rd party viewpoint or dissociated).
Think of a colour that you associate with that scene and that mental state. Then think of a key word that sums it up.
Imagine a circle on the floor in front of you, colour it the colour you chose, recall the scene in as much detail as you can, see what you saw hear what you heard feel what you felt, and step into the circle and imagine the emotional state of the scene getting stronger and stronger as the colour rises around you, and as it peaks around head level and the feelings of the scene are soooo strong, step out of the circle saying your key word to yourself. Then shake it all off (just like you have something sticky on you and you’re trying to shake it off).
Then repeat, over and over, may be as many as 21 times. When you can summon the positive ‘state’ just by picturing the coloured circle, stepping through it as the colour rises, and saying the key word, and without having to recall the original scene or event,...