Between the late 1940s and 1950s, Americans had suffered a political and cultural hysteria which have been caused by fear and anxiety of communism as communism quickly spread around the global. McCarthyism is the use of the charge of communism to discredit political ideas, cultural values, and individual's lives and reputations which had been originated and preserved by US Senator McCarthy in the 1950s.   The senator was strongly opposed to the spread of communism throughout the world, and as a result, he started investigating people in the US for possible communist ties. At the height of McCarthyism in the 1950s, Americans from all walks of life were accused of being communist. As a result of this anti-communist hysteria, many Americans were constantly looking over their shoulders wondering whether their neighbors, friends, and government officials were communists.
Throughout the 1950s the McCarthyism had many negative results on the American society than positive outcome. It had shattered the lives of many innocent people. As well as thousands of people had lost their reputations and careers during this hysteric time. Trials were held unfairly and in general people were considered guilty until proven innocent.   In the eyes of many people, these investigations went too far by violating people‚Äôs rights to free speech.
In this period of time men and women would get back at their enemies but accusing them of being communist spies. Through this the U.S. was on its end. Many people who were accused suffered unemployment, destruction of their careers, or imprisonment. Through this McCarthyism, the American people were affected.

Popularity of McCarthyism
One major source of the huge popularity of McCarthyism was the housewife. Through anti-communist groups like American Public Relations Forum and The Minute Women of the U.S.A., housewives could get involved in all the gossip. Another reason why McCarthyism was so popular was its concern for public...