How does Shakespeare present aspects of Macbeth’s disturbed character within Act 3, Scene 4?

Shakespeare presents Macbeth as mentally disturbed as he sees Banquo’s ghost as a threat to him despite being dead. ‘Avaunt and quit my sight! Let the earth hide thee!’ It makes you realise that only he can see Banquo as a threat to his Kingship. The ‘quit’ sounds as if he is forcing something to happen, but when someone ‘quits’ it’s usually their own choice to do it, and in the quote it makes it sound as if Macbeth is just asking Banquo to disappear not order him. However because the sentence ends with an exclamation point, it reassures that Macbeth is in a enraged state that he is the person that is in a higher status compared to Banquo. Also at this time of history, anyone who opposed any threat to the King or Queen was regarded as a mortal enemy to the entire kingdom. This shows that Lady Macbeth and the Lords are not wary of this threat and does not see it as a problem.
Shakespeare also shows that Macbeth is agitated by the appearance of Banquo’s ghost and that even Lady Macbeth has to step in to reassure him he is only seeing things. Macbeth is so troubled by Banquo that he consults Lady Macbeth about his problem, ‘If I stand here, I saw him ..... My worthy Lord, your noble friends do lack you.’ The word ‘worthy’ makes Macbeth sound like he is the ‘Chosen one’ and he must be respected by all. However, it seems as if he is not respected, and not ‘worthy’ of his title, all because that Banquo is disrespecting Macbeth by ‘appearing’ in front of him. It could also link to the facts that Macbeth is the current King of Scotland and you can only deserve such a title, if you are ‘worthy’ of it. But because he is ‘haunted’ by Banquo’s ghost he is proving his title incorrect and that a haunted man can’t be a ‘worthy’ man.
Another way Shakespeare presents Macbeth as discomposed is that it takes another person to calm his emotions down, it makes him sound imperfect and...