ACT FIVE Scene 1
Why is the Gentlewoman reluctant to repeat what she has heard the sleep-walking Lady Macbeth say?
i. The Gentlewoman is reluctant to repeat what she heard the sleep-walking Lady Macbeth say, because she fears the wrath of Macbeth. If he would find out that she knows about the murder of Duncan he would surely kill them very quickly. This demonstrates that Lady Macbeth is possessed and mistrustful of the secret.
What is ironic about Lady Macbeth’s state of mind? What lines from previous scene prepare us for this change in Lady Macbeth?

i. The Dramatic irony of lady Macbeth’s state is mind is that, her   evil deeds strain her towards insanity, Her guilt and paranoia is overtaking her frail mind that she cannot get purged of here agony and guiltiness   through sleep. The fact that earlier in the scene she tells Macbeth at the Banquet that “you lack the season of all natures, sleep,” indicating that sleep will tonic all of his snags. But sleep isn’t helping her much; it is just bringing her more strain, paranoia and plague. Also when Macbeth imagined after the killing of Duncan that he has murdered sleep and will never sleep again. Lady Macbeth’s inability to sleep is indicated by the voice of Macbeth.

Imagine you are the doctor and have just finished examining Lady Macbeth. Write a medical report in which you a make a diagnosis and provide a rationale for the instructions you have given the Gentlewoman about Lady Macbeth’s care.

i. I scrutinized Lady Macbeth and understood from her abnormal state. She is in unadorned misery due to psychological distress because of a precise deed that she must have dedicated in the past.   As I am not a psychologist, but from my acquaintance she is sleep walking without discerning her movements which designates to me she is really irritated and mistrust by her state of mind. This tells me she has done a deed that possesses her and she cannot control it, it has over powered her. For this reason I advise...