ESSAY QUESTION: To what extent are the witches responsible for the death of Duncan?
Macbeth is a play written by Shakespeare that explores the ideas of Macbeth and the extent he goes to, to gain authority for himself amongst society and also the idea of satisfying his wife. The extent he does go too in order to gain authority requires him to murder Duncan, who at the time is the King. The murder of Duncan follows a number of events that lead up to the climax of the Shakespearian play. The reason for Macbeths evil deeds may have been influenced by the witches who the readers are immediately introduced to at the beginning of the play, they in this opening scene prompt evil yet accomplished thoughts into both Macbeth and Banquo and in the end influence the actions that Macbeth takes.
It is difficult to make the judgement of who is responsible for the actions that Macbeth takes in order to gain complete authority in the hierarchy in Scotland. The question and mystery remains and asks the question if the witches are responsible or if Macbeth’s constant drive and ambition take responsibility for the murder of Duncan. The idea may be raised that Macbeth’s hubris ultimately leads to his downfall, both as a noble leader and a decent, honourable individual.
When the readers are first introduced to the protagonist of Macbeth, the impression of him is represented as a strong, brave and capable warrior who displays values of courage and dignity. This initial interpretation of Macbeth is then altered when he makes contact with the three witches. His physical courage is joined by a consuming ambition and a tendency to self-doubt—the prediction that he will be king brings him joy, but it also creates inner turmoil. Shakespeare portrays the character of Macbeth to show the effects that ambition and guilt can have on a man who lacks strength and character. When the witches make contact with both Banquo and Macbeth readers are given the impression that Macbeth is intrigued by...