Essay- Macbeth

Through the study of Macbeth by William Shakespeare and The Door by Miroslav Holub we learn that change can result in learning about our strength and weaknesses, anticipating and speculating on what change can bring us, hardships are encountered and lessons are learnt. Change is a movement from a previous state to a new state which will cause people to react differently depending on the situation and the person. It will be either a positive or negative change and change is inevitable.  

Throughout the play Macbeth, characters have undergone change, but Macbeth himself has changed the most through the course of this play. In the beginning, Macbeth was an honourable and noble man. However, as the book continues on we start to see that he is also a very ambitious man as well. His ambition causes the change within this character.   After being pressed by the idea that he could be king, “All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be King hereafter!”, his ambition starts to grow and leads him to become an evil and brutal killing machine.

Throughout the book, Macbeth feels threatened with the ideas that will cause him not to become King. This causes him to slaughter Macduff’s family and end up organising the killing of his good friend, Banquo and his son. When situations didn’t go according to plan, Macbeth turned to killing for the worse. As Macbeth continued to do bad deeds, he could not feel for anything he had done. Macbeth depended a lot on the witches prophecies, which led him to go psychotic.  

Another influence on Macbeth’s change in character is Lady Macbeth as she drives him to become King. Because of the weakness in Macbeth’s character and the strong power in Lady Macbeth’s character we see that she can influence him easily. We also realise that Lady Macbeth has the authority in their relationship. In the beginning of the play, Lady Macbeth’s strength encourages Macbeth to do the wrong thing. This deteriorates as the play progresses and so does...