Macbeth Imagery

Antonio Ortiz
Period- 3rd
Imagery in Macbeth
Imagery is very important in a play, it helps the reader get a better understanding and a better mental picture of what is happening. One repeating image the reader might get is the image of blood. Blood can represent different things to people, but in the play, blood mostly relates to death or evil. It is used throughout the whole play, since there are many evil things the characters do to get what they want.
In this tragedy, there are many evil deeds going on. Some relating to death. There is no better image relating to it than blood. For the author Shakespeare, imagery was very important to give the audience a clear picture of what is happening and to just entertain. It builds up the plot all the way to the climax where death is actually occurring and the first mental picture we all get is blood. One example, is the Murder of the king where Macbeth and Lady Macbeth try to wash the blood off their hands. They say there is no body of water big enough to wash it off their hands since there is so much of it. In This scene the reader can clearly understand how blood was used of course, relating to the murder and evil doing.
The image of blood is mainly associated with both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Once they commit the first crime and after Macbeth being talked into it, committing other crimes becomes easier for him. His ambition is so great he will stop at nothing to get the power and wealth he wants and thinks he deserves. After the murder of the king though, Macbeth feels guilty, but that still does not stop him from doing evil on others. Everyone around him, like friends, servants, etc. , become slowly suspicious of him.
One Person who does this is Banquo, and on the scene where Macbeth sends to kill him the image of blood comes up. So of course the reader knows something evil has occurred. The image of blood comes up so much, you can see that in the play Macbeth seems to see things no one else is able to...