M1 Discuss Similarities and Differences in the Nutritional and Energy Requirements of Two Groups of Individuals

Pregnant Women & Breastfeeding Women
A pregnant woman should understand what types of food is best for her and the baby as it will be more effective in protecting both their health and provide an optimal growth and development for her unborn baby. During the first half of her pregnancy, the nutritional requirements are about quality of the food, whereas during the second half of the pregnancy it’s also about the nutritional quantity to ensure stable foetal growth.
At the start of the woman’s pregnancy it is recommended that the daily calorie intake is increased by 150 to provide extra nutrients and   for the foetus to grow and to the near of her pregnancy she will need around an extra 250 calories a day once again to provide extra nutrients for both herself and her baby.
When a woman is pregnant it is normal to gain weight   from 9kg to 12kg, although it is   different   for women with different weights and height’s and so bigger women may gain little weight throughout their pregnancy while thinner women may gain more weight through their pregnancy. Women need more vitamins and minerals through their last trimester of their pregnancy to help ensure the baby is healthy and at a good stable weight but also avoid any complications at birth.
Furthermore when a woman is pregnant she also has to consider what she can eat and what she should avoid eating as this will have an impact on the development of the foetus, this means that she should consider starting a food planner to make sure she is getting the right nutrients for the baby’s and her health. Although it is usually advised that these plans are checked over by a medical practitioner because there could be mistakes made on them or they may be lacking in certain nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
For example while a woman is pregnant she should avoid foods and drinks like:
• Raw Fish
• Unpasteurised Milk & Cheese
• Overuse of Caffeine (0 – 1 Cups a day)
• Alcohol
And the mother should consider eating...